At Tyacke Motors, we’re proud of our stock of preowned cars that we make available to you. Our selection of low mileage cars includes many of the same benefits of having a new car, including great fuel efficiency and proper safety features.

Along with these, what are some of the primary factors you should be considering as you search through our used cars? Let’s go over a few important areas within a used car search.


As we mentioned, safety is a vital feature for any vehicle you’re purchasing. It doesn’t take much research to ensure that a car has a proper safety rating – there are online resources available to help you understand ratings and features. You’re looking for simple data on crash ratings and safety features throughout the life of the car.

Basic Performance

Even before you visit a dealership, you can read online performance reviews for the kinds of cars you’re considering looking at. Certain makes and models may have design tendencies, but you can be made aware of these before you even test drive one of these cars. Certain models might struggle with a particular issue that you don’t want to deal with, while others might be perfect for your performance and maintenance needs. Once you’ve done this research, you can take part in test drives with more specific knowledge of what you’re looking for.


Down similar lines, you want a vehicle that won’t constantly be in the shop for repairs. There are also plenty of online resources for checking how often a given vehicle might need to be serviced.


Mechanical areas of the vehicle are more directly connected to the car’s value, but you still have to be comfortable in any car you buy. Check things like seat material and interior layout, and make sure the car isn’t missing any features you absolutely can’t live without.


Even the best of preowned cars will come with some standard maintenance needs, so you should familiarize yourself with these in advance. These costs can often impact how much you’ll spend.

For more on the important factors in a used car search, or to view our wide inventory, speak to the pros at Tyacke Motors today.