At Tyacke Motors, we take pride in our car detailing services. Our professionals have years of experience, and we know exactly how to get your car looking pristine and brand new just the way you want it.

If you trust your detailing services to a less reputable vendor, you might run into some issues. Here are some of the most common detailing mistakes we see made by amateurs, and that you’ll avoid when you bring your car to us.

Too Much Wax

It may seem natural that more wax means a shinier car, but there’s a limit here. Too much wax won’t make your car shine more – it’ll just get wiped off once the surface is buffed, and the wax will be wasted. In most cases, two rounds of thorough waxing will be enough to bring back the full shine you’re looking for.

Direct Application

One of the most common mistakes we see from inexperienced vendors during a detail is pouring or applying products directly to the vehicle’s surface first. This prevents you from being able to control the amount of product in use, but more importantly, it causes uneven streaks in the paint that can often be semi-permanent. Instead, product should be applied to a sponge or soft towel first.

Wheels Last

You may think doing the wheels last makes sense in a detail since they’re at the bottom, but remember that wheels are also the dirtiest part of the car in most cases. Doing them last may cause dirt and mud to splatter back up on the clean car.

Dry Cloth

Using a dry cloth on the vehicle’s surface, even for a single spot of dirt, is a huge mistake. A dry cloth will only rub dirt into the paint, which can scratch the surface permanently.

Wrong Cleaning Agent

Some amateurs try to use things like dishwashing liquids and laundry detergents as an alternative to car shampoo, and at first, you may not notice the difference. But over time, these products contain chemicals that can remove the wax and sealer form the vehicle’s surface, and this will leave your paint vulnerable to the elements.

To learn more about detailing, or to find out about our selection of used cars or our transport services like airport pick up, speak to the experts at Tyacke Motors today.